FFXI AF3+2 Price Sheet

  • Please ensure that you, just place the item name in your order.
  • Set of 8 items, only discounts when you order all the items at once.
  • No Substitutions on sets.
  • Please make sure to get the Master (Square Enix) account name and password as well as the game login info, when ordering these items.

Body SlotName TimeCharacter TypeWholesaleSuggested Retail
Head Aoidos' Calot+21 dayBard$82.32$109.76
neckAoidos' Matinee 1 dayBard$11.43$15.24
bodyAoidos' Hongreline +2 1 dayBard$82.32$109.76
handsAoidos' Manchettes+21 dayBard$82.32$109.76
waistAoidos' Belt1 dayBard$13.72$18.29
legsAoidos' Rhingrave+21 dayBard$82.32$109.76
feetAoidos' Cothurnes+21 dayBard$82.32$109.76
earringAoidos' Earring 1 dayBard$22.87$30.49
All 8 BRD AF3+2 set5 dayBard$411.59$548.78
Head Ferine Cabasset +21 dayBeastmaster$82.32$109.76
neckFerine Necklace1 dayBeastmaster$11.43$15.24
bodyFerine Gausape +21 dayBeastmaster$82.32$109.76
handsFerine Manoplas +21 dayBeastmaster$82.32$109.76
backFerine Mantle1 dayBeastmaster$13.72$18.29
legsFerine Quijotes +21 dayBeastmaster$82.32$109.76
feetFerine Ocreae +21 dayBeastmaster$82.32$109.76
earringFerine Earring1 dayBeastmaster$22.87$30.49
All 8 BST AF3+2 set5 dayBeastmaster$411.59$548.78
Head Goetia Petasos +21 dayBlack Mage$82.32$109.76
neckGoetia Chain1 dayBlack Mage$11.43$15.24
bodyGoetia Coat +21 dayBlack Mage$82.32$109.76
handsGoetia Gloves +21 dayBlack Mage$82.32$109.76
backGoetia Mantle1 dayBlack Mage$13.72$18.29
legsGoetia Chausses +21 dayBlack Mage$82.32$109.76
feetGoetia Sabots +21 dayBlack Mage$82.32$109.76
earringGoetia Earring1 dayBlack Mage$22.87$30.49
All 8 BLM AF3+2 setAll 8 5 daysBlack Mage$411.59$548.78
Head Mavi Kavuk +2 1 dayBlue Mage$82.32$109.76
neckMavi Scarf1 dayBlue Mage$11.43$15.24
bodyMavi Mintan +21 dayBlue Mage$82.32$109.76
handsMavi Bazubands +21 dayBlue Mage$82.32$109.76
ammoMavi Tathlum1 dayBlue Mage$13.72$18.29
legsMavi Tayt +21 dayBlue Mage$82.32$109.76
feetMavi Basmak +21 dayBlue Mage$82.32$109.76
earringMavi Earring 1 dayBlue Mage$22.87$30.49
All 8 BLU AF3+2 setAll 8 5 daysBlue Mage$411.59$548.78
Head Navarch's Tricorne +21 dayCorsair$82.32$109.76
neckNavarch's Choker1 dayCorsair$11.43$15.24
bodyNavarch's Frac +21 dayCorsair$82.32$109.76
handsNavarch's Gants +21 dayCorsair$82.32$109.76
backNavarch's Mantle1 dayCorsair$13.72$18.29
legsNavarch's Culottes +21 dayCorsair$82.32$109.76
feetNavarch's Bottes +21 dayCorsair$82.32$109.76
earringNavarch's Earring1 dayCorsair$22.87$30.49
All 8 COR AF3+2 setAll 8 5 daysCorsair$411.59$548.78
Head Charis Tiara +21 dayDancer$82.32$109.76
neckCharis Necklace 1 dayDancer$11.43$15.24
bodyCharis Casaque +21 dayDancer$82.32$109.76
handsCharis Bangles +21 dayDancer$82.32$109.76
ammoCharis Feather1 dayDancer$13.72$18.29
legsCharis Tights+21 dayDancer$82.32$109.76
feetCharis Toeshoes+21 dayDancer$82.32$109.76
earringCharis Earring1 dayDancer$22.87$30.49
All 8 DNC AF3+2 setAll 8 5 daysDancer$411.59$548.78
Head Bale Burgeonet +2 1 dayDark Knight$82.32$109.76
neckBale Choker 1 dayDark Knight$11.43$15.24
bodyBale Cuirass+2 1 dayDark Knight$82.32$109.76
handsBale Gauntlets+21 dayDark Knight$82.32$109.76
waistBale Belt1 dayDark Knight$13.72$18.29
legsBale Flanchard+21 dayDark Knight$82.32$109.76
feetBale Sollerets+21 dayDark Knight$82.32$109.76
earringBale Earring1 dayDark Knight$22.87$30.49
All 8 DRK AF3+2 setAll 8 5 daysDark Knight$411.59$548.78
Head Lancer's Mezail +21 dayDragoon$82.32$109.76
neckLancer's Torque1 dayDragoon$11.43$15.24
bodyLancer Plackart+21 dayDragoon$82.32$109.76
handsLancer Vambraces+21 dayDragoon$82.32$109.76
backLancer's Pelerine1 dayDragoon$13.72$18.29
legsLancer's Cuissots+2 1 dayDragoon$82.32$109.76
feetLancer's Schynbalds+21 dayDragoon$82.32$109.76
earringLancer's Earring1 dayDragoon$22.87$30.49
All 8 DRG AF3+2 setAll 8 5 daysDragoon$411.59$548.78
Head Tantra Crown +21 dayMonk$82.32$109.76
neckTantra Necklace1 dayMonk$11.43$15.24
bodyTantra Cyclas+21 dayMonk$82.32$109.76
handsTantra Gloves+21 dayMonk$82.32$109.76
ammoTantra Tathlum 1 dayMonk$13.72$18.29
legsTantra Hose+21 dayMonk$82.32$109.76
feetTantra Gaiters +21 dayMonk$82.32$109.76
earringTantra Earring 1 dayMonk$22.87$30.49
All 8 MONK AF3+2 setAll 8 5 daysMonk$411.59$548.78
Head Iga Zukin +21 dayNinja$82.32$109.76
neckIga Erimaki 1 dayNinja$11.43$15.24
bodyIga Ningi +21 dayNinja$82.32$109.76
handsIga Tekko +21 dayNinja$82.32$109.76
backIga Dochugappa 1 dayNinja$13.72$18.29
legsIga Hakama +21 dayNinja$82.32$109.76
feetIga Kyahan +21 dayNinja$82.32$109.76
earringIga Mimikazari 1 dayNinja$22.87$30.49
All 8 NIN AF3+2 setAll 8 5 daysNinja$411.59$548.78
Head Creed Armet+21 dayPaladin$82.32$109.76
neckCreed Collar1 dayPaladin$11.43$15.24
bodyCreed Cuirass+21 dayPaladin$82.32$109.76
handsCreed Gauntlets +21 dayPaladin$82.32$109.76
waistCreed Baudrier1 dayPaladin$13.72$18.29
legsCreed Cuisses+21 dayPaladin$82.32$109.76
feetCreed Sabatons +21 dayPaladin$82.32$109.76
earringCreed Earring1 dayPaladin$22.87$30.49
All 8 PLD AF3+2 set5 daysPaladin$411.59$548.78
Head Cirque Capello +21 dayPuppet Master$82.32$109.76
neckCirque Necklace1 dayPuppet Master$11.43$15.24
bodyCirque Farsetto+2 1 dayPuppet Master$82.32$109.76
handsCirque Guanti+21 dayPuppet Master$82.32$109.76
waistCirque Sash 1 dayPuppet Master$13.72$18.29
legsCirque Pantaloni+21 dayPuppet Master$82.32$109.76
feetCirque Scarpe+21 dayPuppet Master$82.32$109.76
earringCirque Earring1 dayPuppet Master$22.87$30.49
All 8 PUP AF3+2 set5 daysPuppet Master$411.59$548.78
Head Sylvan Gapette+21 dayRanger$82.32$109.76
neckSylvan Scarf1 dayRanger$11.43$15.24
bodySylvan Caban+21 dayRanger$82.32$109.76
handsSylvan Glovelettes+21 dayRanger$82.32$109.76
backSylvan Chlamys1 dayRanger$13.72$18.29
legsSylvan Brague+21 dayRanger$82.32$109.76
feetSylvan Bottillons+21 dayRanger$82.32$109.76
earringSylvan Earring1 dayRanger$22.87$30.49
All 8 RNG AF3+2 set 5 daysRanger$411.59$548.78
Head Estoqueur's Chappel+21 dayRed Mage$82.32$109.76
neckEstoqueur's Collar 1 dayRed Mage$11.43$15.24
bodyEstoqueur's Sayon+21 dayRed Mage$82.32$109.76
handsEstoqueur's Gantherots+21 dayRed Mage$82.32$109.76
backEstoqueur's Cape1 dayRed Mage$13.72$18.29
legsEstoqueur's Fuseau +21 dayRed Mage$82.32$109.76
feetEstoqueur's Houseaux+21 dayRed Mage$82.32$109.76
earringEstoqueur's Earring1 dayRed Mage$22.87$30.49
All 8 RDM AF3+2 set5 daysRed Mage$411.59$548.78
Head Unkai Kabuto+21 daySamurai$82.32$109.76
neckUnkai Nodowa1 daySamurai$11.43$15.24
bodyUnkai Domaru +21 daySamurai$82.32$109.76
handsUnkai Kote+2 1 daySamurai$82.32$109.76
backUnkai Sugemino1 daySamurai$13.72$18.29
legsUnkai Haidate +21 daySamurai$82.32$109.76
feetUnkai Sune-Ate +21 daySamurai$82.32$109.76
earringUnkai Mimikazari1 daySamurai$22.87$30.49
All 8 SAM af3+2 set5 daysSamurai$411.59$548.78
Head Savant's Bonnet+21 dayScholar$82.32$109.76
neckSavant's Chain1 dayScholar$11.43$15.24
bodySavant's Gown+21 dayScholar$82.32$109.76
handsSavant's Bracers+21 dayScholar$82.32$109.76
ammoSavant's Treatise1 dayScholar$13.72$18.29
legsSavant's Pants+21 dayScholar$82.32$109.76
feetSavant's Loafers+21 dayScholar$82.32$109.76
earringSavant's Earring1 dayScholar$22.87$30.49
All 8 SCH AF3+2 set5 daysScholar$411.59$548.78
Head Caller's Horn+21 daySummoner$82.32$109.76
neckCaller's Pendant1 daySummoner$11.43$15.24
bodyCaller's Doublet+21 daySummoner$82.32$109.76
handsCaller's Bracers+21 daySummoner$82.32$109.76
waistCaller's Sash1 daySummoner$13.72$18.29
legsCaller's Spats+21 daySummoner$82.32$109.76
feetCaller's Pigaches +21 daySummoner$82.32$109.76
earringCaller's Earring1 daySummoner$22.87$30.49
All 8 SMN AF3+2 set5 daysSummoner$411.59$548.78
Head Raider's Bonnet+21 dayThief$82.32$109.76
Raider's Belt Raider's Belt1 dayThief$11.43$15.24
bodyRaider's Vest+21 dayThief$82.32$109.76
handsRaider's Armlets+21 dayThief$82.32$109.76
rangedRaider's Boomerang1 dayThief$13.72$18.29
legsRaider's Culottes +21 dayThief$82.32$109.76
feetRaider's Poulaines+21 dayThief$82.32$109.76
earringRaider's Earring1 dayThief$22.87$30.49
All 8 THF AF3+2 set5 daysThief$411.59$548.78
Head Ravager's Mask +21 dayWarrior$82.32$109.76
neckRavager's Gorget1 dayWarrior$11.43$15.24
bodyRavager's Lorica +21 dayWarrior$82.32$109.76
handsRavager's Mufflers+21 dayWarrior$82.32$109.76
AmmoRavager's Orb1 dayWarrior$13.72$18.29
legsRavager's Cuisses +21 dayWarrior$82.32$109.76
feetRavager's Calligae +21 dayWarrior$82.32$109.76
earringRavager's Earring1 dayWarrior$22.87$30.49
All 8 WAR AF3+2 set5 daysWarrior$411.59$548.78
Head Orison Cap+21 dayWhite Mage$82.32$109.76
neckOrison Locket1 dayWhite Mage$11.43$15.24
bodyOrison Bliaud+2 1 dayWhite Mage$82.32$109.76
handsOrison Mitts+21 dayWhite Mage$82.32$109.76
backOrison Locket1 dayWhite Mage$13.72$18.29
legsOrison Pantaloons+21 dayWhite Mage$82.32$109.76
feetOrison Duckbills+21 dayWhite Mage$82.32$109.76
earringOrison Earring1 dayWhite Mage$22.87$30.49
All 8 WHM AF3+2 set5 daysWhite Mage$411.59$548.78